Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange


Purchasing any boat large or small can be one of the biggest financial investments along with any property, that anyone can make. With currency markets changing almost on a moments notice, it is wiser to look elsewhere other than just trust your bank manager to get the best rates available.

The difference in exchange rates is quite often not small change and can buy you a new water maker or chart plotter for your new toy!

Our Partners INFINITY INTERNATIONAL have been working with us for a number of years and can help get you the best exchange rate deal around. Our contact Glenn Tullet who is part of the WORLDWIDE CATAMARANS team, a real nice guy to do business with, highly experienced in his field and comes from a large family background involved the financial services industry.

So, whatever currency you require, USD, Euro, Pound Sterling or Yen! INFINITY INTERNATIONAL are regulated, safe and secure and offer a quick and easy service either buying a boat or a new villa anywhere in the world.