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Blue Coast Yachts

BLUE COAST YACHTS is recognised as one of the world's finest luxury catamaran constructors. Committed to constantly set new standards and benchmarks in areas of creativity and innovation, in the tireless pursuit of perfection Designed and project managed by the man himself, Jean Jacques Coste.

Boasting unique expertise in the design and construction of some of the world’s largest carbon fibre catamarans to have been launched to date and combining an array of experienced professionals in naval architecture, engineering, exterior styling, interior design and project management, in fact nothing comes closer to total perfection than BLUE COAST YACHTS.
Any discerning client in this bracket expects the best, WORLDWIDE CATAMARANS working closely with the team at BLUE COAST YACHTS makes sure that the client gets just that, the best money can buy……

The Blue Coast Team at Latitude Yachts Yard in the beautiful City of Riga Latvia and have now produced a significant number of sailing catamarans between 80 - 160 ft and can be chartered through management programs run by the leading super yacht management companies in the World such as Frazer Yachts demanding premium rates compared to other catamarans and monohulls.
Starting with the new BCY 80 designed for fast cruising in comfort which is sporty, but simple to sail and represents an ideal means of living in communion with the sea, while fully enjoying luxury and comfort of a spacious vessel of this size.

All of the Blue Coast range is built of high tech composite materials for their light weight, strength and extreme durability.
The construction process combines the infusion of epoxy resin / Glass fibre / Carbon fibre and PU foam core.
She combines three guest cabins and a master suite, but the build can be customised to suit the buyers requirements. Each yacht is ideally designed to be a base for water sports and can be equipped with of the state of the art water toys.

The fabulous new BCY 80

Blue Coast Yachts 
If you like the exterior, just wait until you see the interior….

Blue Coast Yachts

BLUE COAST YACHTS all show an exceptional pretty face with modern and elegant lines, which are perfectly integrated with the huge interior volume. A high class yacht, elegant and refined, made for cruising with one’s friends and family alike. She is roomy and simple to sail, she represents an ideal means of living in communion with the sea while fully enjoying luxury and comfort, looking an impressive sight in any marina.

The whole range offer the level of comfort of a high end motor yacht while offering the sensations and pose of a sailing yacht. Exceptional performance both under power and sail allow high above average cruising speeds and economy for long-range passage making.

Blue Coast Yachts

A new generation of high tech opulent sailing yachts. fast, spacious, everything a super yacht should be, nothing can compare to any of the range by BLUE COAST YACHTS.

Ultimate luxury unmatched by any other builder. Attention to detail in every respect.

Blue Coast Yachts

Blue Coast 135
There is practically no heeling on any catamaran in this class and the long and narrow hulls provide a very smooth passage through the sea, even in rough conditions on all of the BLUE COAST YACHTS range. The exceptional stability allows very comfortable moorings even in rolling areas. The shallow draft allows anchoring very close to sandy beaches but, above all, opens up whole cruising areas, which were not previously accessible to yachts of this size.
The total width of any of the catamarans built by BLUE COAST YACHTS are contained in reasonable proportions, in order to reduce structural efforts and permit access in most marinas. The structural platform has a high bridge deck clearance to eliminate wave’s impacts. The remarkable living area is close to 370 m², with terraces and fly-bridge

Blue Coast Yachts

Blue Coast 165
Building your supercat is a stage by stage process with your involvement from day one.
Firstly deciding on what size, how many cabins, galley up or down, flybridge, forward facing master cabin, crew quarters.
Then any desired colour scheme on the hulls and interior including fabrics, materials etc.
Decide your engine options, options such as air conditioning, generator, galley equipment, bath, jacuzzi, rig, sails etc.

We then get your ideas to the Coste Design Office and work with you to create your own masterpiece.
Each yacht is specialy built for each individual owner, no two yachts are the same. Using super yacht building methods, we can usually build your catamaran within a 12 month build time from date of order.

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