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Blue Coast Power Trimarans

The two new power trimarans "Galaxy of Happiness” and her Sister ship “Galaxy” were built at the BLUE COAST YACHTS / Latitude Yachts Yard in the city of Riga in Latvia and were recently featured front page in Boat International Magazine.

Performance, space and sea keeping, stability, fuel economy are all major selling points on these stunning vessels. The unblemished silver finish glinted in the sunlight at the launch as these two elegant superyachts were unveiled at the shipyards launch party for the new owners.

Never one to disappoint his followers, the trimarans were designed by the Master Naval Architect Jean Jacques Coste, who once again created nothing less than a masterpiece ……

Looking like a starship which has flown from another world in a distant galaxy, the yacht just seems to glide through the water, cutting through the swell like a knife through butter. The yacht is demonstrating once again just what Blue Coast Yachts and the team led by JJ Coste are capable of.

Blue Coast Yachts

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Galaxy of Happiness is available for private luxury crewed charter.

Trimarans are now being produced for the military for their stability, performance, stealth capability and of course not forgetting economy.

These things are fast go anywhere and very capable enabling precision weapon deployment from a stable platform.

All benefits transfer easily to the pleasure yacht market producing unmatched comfort only provided by a multihull of this type. It is easy to see why more and more superyacht buyers are turning their heads.

These images are not just pretty concepts drawings but expanding on the lines of "Galaxy of Happiness" full build studies are done and waiting for a discerning individual imputing their own ideas forward to expand on a fully custom model of any size.

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Galaxy of Happiness in Imperia Italy (above)

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Blue Coast Yachts
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