Beach Catamarans

Inflatable Beach Catamarans

If only they had a small catamaran that you didn’t have to pay for storage, could transport in the back of your car without the hassle of a trailer, carry two adults and a couple of kids, stable fun sailing, maybe carry on your cruising cat or camper without taking up much space!

We have all the answers!

Easy to sail, Ideal for beginners and easy to set up fast and launch on any lake, sea or river. With the addition of an electric outboard, make this lightweight catamaran even more versatile as an extra tender or a great stable platform for fishing, and it even looks cool too……

From 3.10 (10ft 2’') To 4.97 (16ft 4’’) As much fun as you can get out of a bag!

Lots of great optional extras to make this cat even more versatile.

We can help you select the right catamaran for you from the leading brands Minicat and Grabner

 Minicat catamaran

Grabner catamaran sailing one hull

 Grabner catamaran packing size