Blue Coast 80

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Blue Coast 80
Blue Coast 80
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Blue Coast 80

There are catamarans then there are Supercats!

If you want a catamaran that sails fast then Blue Coast Yachts have got to be at the top of your list Charlie Brown!
Custom built to satisfy the most discerning buyer, space comfort and performance with no compromise.

The BCY 80 built at the Blue Coast Yachts Yard in Riga, Latvia is at the leading edge of catamaran build and design. Designed by the world renowned Naval Architect Jean Jacques Coste.
A decade of building the most prestigious multihulls in the world sailing the worlds oceans. From 80ft - 180ft

The BCY 80 has the desirable lines of any fast modern sailing catamaran, but that is not all, the team that turns your dream into reality have all the skills and capability to create something light years in front of the competition. Building some of the most technically advance multihulls on the planet already sailing the worlds oceans.
This creation is custom built for you and you alone, using only the very best materials, make the new BCY 80 not only luxurious, but light, strong and above all fast!

Sure there are a few contenders out there these days, but when Jean Jacques Coste pulls something out of the box then it's time to take a look, he rarely gives the full picture, but works with you the buyer to bring the masterpiece together.
Expensive, yes! But not that much more than a standard production model. Let's face it to get where you have got to so far, just by enabling you to even be looking at yachts in this league, you know what you want Charlie Brown and know how to get it......


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