New England Marine (USA)


Vessel owners, marine lenders, brokers and dealers have been their dedicated customers for over  25 years and WorldWide Catamarans are proud to have been one of them.

New England Marine is happy to offer our escrow services for those buyers, sellers, brokers and lenders that need a third party for funds management. New England Marine will work diligently to help bring the transaction to an expedient closure.

One may choose to hold ownership of the vessel in a domestic corporation. New England Marine can arrange the incorporation within an hour and at a surprisingly low cost.

The costs of the offshore registry vary widely due to the surveying process and the size of the boat. We would be happy to obtain a quote for anyone wishing to contact us in advance

Let us know if you need to state register or state title your boat.  We can prepare and file the necessary paperwork for state compliance.

2 Central Street
Winchester, MA 01890
PH: (781) 721-4500
FX: (781) 721-5509
1-800 BOAT DOC

1150 Ballena Boulevard
Alameda, CA 94501
PH: (510) 521-4925
FX: (510) 521-4928

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Iberian Yacht Consulting

IBYC is an independent yacht consulting company providing complete legal, technical, fiscal and yacht management services to companies in the leisure marine industry segment.

As a team, they offer independent advice and legal guidance, and support our clients in their enquiries or legal matters that they may encounter or require advice on a daily basis.
IBYC use their knowledge and experience to achieve our client’s goals and offer professional expertise services that best meet our client’s needs.

LARA HIDALGOIBYC have a specific department where multilingual staff provides its advice to international companies, financing entities and boat owners in English, French, German and Italian language. Lara Hidalgo is the head of the international department and speak excellent English.

Telephone number: 608 50 32 50

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CGI Finance are an international company offering Marine Finance to European clients with offices throughout the E.U. Also subject to clients status CGI can finance on most foreign registered vessels.

CGI Finance offer the services of their team of marine specialists to provide a flexible and individual response to your enquiry. Their financial solution is adapted to your requirements. CGI Finance will work to guide you through the acquisition process and are also available to provide advice with regard to evaluation, choice of flag and the registration process. They will assist you every step of the way.

CGI Finance are able to offer loan terms of between 4 - 15 years* for loan amounts not exceeding 80%* of the purchase price of the new yacht. They are also able to finance your acquisition of a used yacht and can offer fixed and variable rate mortgages.

Your finance may be in Sterling or Euros. The choice of currency will be fixed from the outset.

As security for the loan we will require a first priority Marine Mortgage and will request the yacht is adequately insured with a marine insurance company recognised by us. Other securities may be required.

Fees will be charged according to the amount of the loan facility. Standard administrative charges and fees will be payable.

For further information, to make an application or to discuss your project further without commitment, please contact CGI Finance via GYLF.

General Yachting and Leisure Finance Ltd (GYLF)
Tel: 01590 610689 | Fax: 01590 610604
Email :
First Floor, 55 High Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9AH

*Subject to approval by CGL, Finance products subject to conditions and change at any time without notice

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ASAP Marine (Florida)

Kimberly Clark - Foreign Documentation Specialist

2200 South Dixie Hwy
SUITE #504
Miami, FL 33133

Phone: 954-926-2387
Toll Free: 1-800-492-8362
FAX: 954-920-2145

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Sir Ian CollettWard McKenzie  - our contact Sir Ian Collett can handle all aspects of marine documentation, VAT and all aspects of tax advice and marine registration under any flag. Sir Ian and his team are easy to talk to and totally professional ensuring your interests are protected at all times.

Over the years Ward & McKenzie have gained considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of Super Yacht Ownership, from planning new builds or refits, contracting with Sellers of Yachts, Project Management, technical inspections, legal work and ancillary issues, such as Offshore Company Incorporation and Yacht Registration.

14A, Deben Mill Business Centre, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1BL
Tel: +44 (0) 01394 383222

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Working with one of the leading independent marine finance houses we can offer to UK clients flexible marine financing on vessels subject to clients status.

Close Brothers Aviation and Marine are regulated by the FSA and will work with both shared ownership programs and also vessels linked to recognised charter management companies.

When lending will take into account the yachts projected charter management income, which makes the yacht a viable investment to individuals or corporate clients.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8390 9444

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