MARES Catamarans

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We have had many enquiries in the past for a fast stable sports cruiser, and we felt we just had to add this type of vessel to our range.
For clients looking for something a little sexier, sleeker and faster than the trawler style catamarans produced by some European builders but still would like to benefit from the catamaran hull design The MARES is definitely the answer. Available in several different options, such as a sport fish styling, an open flybridge or what MARES have termed a "Sky Lounge” which is in fact an enclosed flybridge, makes sense.

Mares has been building power catamarans for over 25 Years. Led by Lenny Noble the Company has had a track record of producing this type of craft. They offer 45 and 65 foot models

Take a look at the next generation of the new and latest editions to the Mares fleet of power catamarans.
Mares has all new molds for the entire fleet of power catamarans and are still using the asymmetrical hull design for speed, stability and fuel economy in fact all of the benefits a catamaran hull can offer.

Each model has it’s own unique styling and the quality of fit out is superb. Aimed squarely at the American market originally the styling and layout appeals to  European clients, also being an ideal sports cruiser for the Mediterranean.

A catamaran hull on a power boat makes sense and the hull slamming and roll associated with a conventional hull is almost non existent.

Sitting at anchor the cat hull is extremely stable, without the uncomfortable motion that a standard power boat experiences.

Also fast cruising is like riding on a cushion of air due to the down draft provided by the hulls. On any monohull as soon as you pull back the throttle the boat will grind quickly to a halt due o the resistance of the hull in the water.
This just shows how inefficient  the monohull sign is to a certain respect as it shows how much force is actually wasted pushing the boat through the water off the plane at slow speeds. The catamaran hull just keeps moving forward with almost no resistance, in fact you will need reverse gear to come to a complete stop in all probability a lot sooner!

This shows how fuel efficient the cat design is and in fact one of the key benefits is fuel efficiency, in fact on many cats your fuel consumption is cut in half!


45 MotorYacht 


45 YachtFish


64 MotorYacht Open


64 SkyLounge

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