Flash Cat 47

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Flash Cat 47

Flash Cat 47The catamaran Flashcat 47 is the new model that Flash Catamarans presents the market as a result of experience with previous models. This spectacular catamaran has a new helmet with more than 1.5m overall length, allowing higher performance to the boat. The Flashcat 47 will be the first ship built at the new yard in Valencia, so it will benefit from the new capabilities offered by new and modern facilities.

Following the design of the latest model, we improved some parts of the catamaran specifically, to achieve greater benefits when browsing. Thus far, the aft platform is longer and totally flat, offering an idyllic and comfortable to enjoy the 'private beach' on board the boat. In addition, the interior layout has been expanded over the previous model and side hatches are designed again, following lines which offers cutting edge sense of comfort and interior lighting.

Flash Cat 47All these changes make can be considered the new Flash Cat 47 as the definitive Spanish catamaran capable of competing on quality and price advantage with the best European yards. We must also add that the finish of this boat are taken care to detail, with the aim that the use and enjoyment of the boat is the maximum possible. The launch is planned for July 2013 and present in major European boat shows.

As for the interior layout of the ship, in Flash Catamarans offer two different options for those who prefer to enjoy the sea with a small crew, or surrounded by friends or charter, hosting up to 11 people can sleep on board. The new Flash Cat 47 can be fully customised and adapted to suit the owner.

On the other hand, in the Flash Cat 47, standard motors have been extended to 220CV, being able to reach a top speed of 20 knots. If you prefer to enjoy the increased speed catamaran, Flash Catamarans can equip the boat with engines up to 450 hp, which can reach a maximum speed of 27 knots being reduced consumption compared to previous models.

Flash Cat 47The Flash Catamarans Shipyard is at the forefront of Spanish shipyards, the only power catamarans that manufactures medium and large boat with a distribution network worldwide. Other models have made Valencia facilities are Flash Flash Cat 43 and Cat 52 Sailing, catamaran sailing high performance.

The new units that begin to occur in 2013 in the new yard located in Valencia, are built by a team of highly qualified professionals using the latest techniques in construction. Among other innovations, it is noteworthy that the Flash Cat 47 is manufactured by laminating the infusion system (vacuum) which gives a much fuller finish with respect to the traditional lamination significantly reducing its weight and thus improving the consumption and increasing its speed.


Total length - 14.05 m.
Hull lenght - 13.50 m.
Flash Cat 47Beam - 6 m.
Maximum draught - 1.15 m.
Movement - 13 tn
Diesel motor from - 170 to 350 h.p. 220 - 480 C.V. 2 (*)
Diesel capacity - 1450 lts.
Water capacity - 450 lts.
Authorised person no:  12
Baths - 4
Cabins - 3 double + 1 triple
*Engine options:  Cummings, Volvo IPS Yanmar Zeus

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