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Sunreef offer a huge choice of colours, fabrics and materials that will make the interior of your super cat stand out from the crowd, and ensure that you, the client have your unique tastes catered for.

For the same price tag as any production catamaran, rather than have any colour you like as long as it is in their choice of five, the Sunreef Design team who will be at your disposal to work with your ideas to create your look, your style, your dream.

The fabulous Sunreef 70 captures everything that any Super cat should be. The ultimate in prestige and luxury on a world class blue water superyacht.
To own a catamaran like this is a pure privilege and it will take you safely anywhere you want to go...........

The Sunreef is a true Super yacht in every sense of the word, ranging from 62 ft to 200ft built using the very latest technologies. The Sunreef range offers single and double deck options with huge fly bridge versions capable of exploring anywhere on the worlds blue oceans.

Any of the Sunreef catamarans are as comfortable anchored in a remote secluded bay in the Caribbean or alongside the dock in Cannes or Monte Carlo.
There are but a privileged few, that are owners of a super yacht with all the benefits that a catamaran hull has to offer of stability, speed, and safety all on the level, giving passengers and crew ultimate comfort and luxury unmatched by anything that floats!

Not only does the Sunreef have presence, arriving in the most prestigious marinas in the world its grace, speed and economy in getting there is unsurpassed. These catamarans are not just built to look good, they are built to travel, to share the world’s most exotic and beautiful locations and be at one with what nature has to offer!

We will be happy to arrange Flights and accommodation and It will be a pleasure for us to accompany you to the shipyard in Gdansk, Poland to meet the Sunreef Crew and see the skilled craftsmen that Sunreef has assembled as a workforce.
The whole team is totally professional and a real pleasure to do business with, where absolutely nothing is to much trouble for them. They will inspire confidence in the fact that they obviously know what they are doing and that your investment and dreams are safe in their hands.

World Wide Catamarans LtdThe quality of finish both inside and out is absolutely first class, and because of Sunreefs competitive pricing it will be possible to purchase one of these superb semi custom yachts in the 60ft – 70ft class for a similar price as what you would pay for one of the French built production models.
When one of these awesome catamarans arrives in any location, you arrive in style and comfort, with your own built in Jacuzzi on the flybridge taking in the view. You know you have made it!

World Wide Catamarans Ltd work closely with Sunreef and their Superb Charter Management Program and can help with a viable business proposition to make super yacht ownership work for you or your business.

Please check our Brokerage section where we have a number of beautiful as new Sunreef Super cat models available for immediate purchase.

Please contact us for a Sunreef Yachts range brochure or call Graham Stimson directly on +44 (0) 845 869 8620 or +34 687 584 314 or

Sunreef Yachts have had a meteoric rise to fame over the last few years and World Wide Catamarans are proud to be associated with the Company.

What I have noticed personally is that they listen to their clients and are constantly improving on every conceivable level. Absolutely nothing is too much trouble and it seems that they do care about their clients and extremely eager to please. The boats are superb and after what I have personally experienced over the years I have been involved with catamarans they have an attitude that moulds well with the principles of our own Company World Wide Catamarans.

I feel that Sunreef have coined the phrase Supercat and the boats absolutely stink of quality and their boats just seem to be getting better and better. Lighter, stronger and faster!

If you are contemplating a catamaran of this size and class you really owe it to yourself to check Sunreef out before you blow your hard earned cash.

World Wide Catamarans LtdI do not know why, but the initial thoughts of Gdansk in Poland conjured up images of the old Soviet shipyards where the mighty Russian Navy was built. I almost expected it to be like one of those old black and white news clips on the Second World War, grey and harsh with a kind of foreboding presence. I had the vision of the place being dirty and polluted by thick black smoke from the heavy industry. I could not have been more wrong! My first impression of Gdansk was Wow!
After working with two of the major French production builders of cruising catamarans, I thought that La Rochelle took some beating. But Gdansk certainly has been put on the map for my favourite places to visit. Gdansk the home of the famous Lech Walesa is steeped in history and the main street is lined with people sitting outside in the sunshine in various bars, shops and restaurants. There is a real buzz about the place and everyone seems incredibly friendly. The place is spotlessly clean and the towpath of the canal is also lined with bars and restaurants, with street entertainers, jugglers, fire eaters and pavement artists. The whole place has a real trendy upbeat and up market feel.

The precious stone amber is obviously mined locally and it seems every other shop is selling amber jewellery. Seeing as our little girl is named Amber, it obviously caught my interest and I found myself hunting for a little present to take home.

The local currency seems to go a long way here in exchange for your Euro’s and Gdansk is an easy flight away from the UK flying out of Bristol, Stanstead in fact many UK airports by Easyjet or Ryanair with a short 2 hour hop over. Whether you are looking to purchase a new yacht or not, I would recommend sampling some Polish hospitality.
I will be happy to meet you at the airport by car and take you to see the factory where you can see the impressive shipyard and meet the team behind Sunreef.

The Sales Director Maciej Stompor is a real nice guy and extremely knowledgeable about the product. His personality, professionalism and enthusiasm for his product is like a breath of fresh air and he together with Anna Nowotarska - Sunreef Yachtswill give you all the answers to any questions that you may have on the technical aspects of your purchase. Sunreef seem to have banded together a group of highly skilled craftsmen who are obviously working in unison with the design team to cater for any taste to an extremely high standard that you would expect for a yacht of this class.

Not only does the high quality finish and incredible attention to detail set Sunreef apart from the rest of the pretenders in the supercat market, but also the amazing value for money stands out far in front of the large production builders and is hard to beat. It is a mystery how Sunreef can build in the added value, luxury and individuality into their prestigious yachts that stay way out in front in comparison to the large production catamarans, which seem to pour resin in one end of the factory and your boat pops out the other end, then a hand held out for your money!

You will instantly feel a high degree of warmth and trust in the Sunreef team to realise that these guys know what they are doing. Each boat is carefully laid up and built by a select team who really seem to have pride in the end result.

It would be nice to make a mini break out of your visit and soak in the delights that Gdansk has to offer. Please register your interest and we will keep you informed of launch dates to enable you to combine your visit with a possible sea trial.

I stayed in the 5 star Radisson Blue Hotel on the edge of the waterfront and seeing my room I thought I could not afford to be staying here!
Anyone interested in the architecture could not fail to be impressed with the old buildings, the cleanliness of the whole town and the friendliness of the Polish people.

It’s good to brush up on a few basics in the language out of politeness such as Dzien Dobry ,pronounced Gendobre -Good Day or Dziekule pronounced Genkoya -Thank you but only for fun, as most people speak English anyway.

The shipyard is awesome and with two or three of these huge supercats being constructed at any one time.

Sunreef are here to stay and by the look of their order book, they are rapidly increasing their market share, growing from strength to strength. You will find the Sunreef a good investment for your hard earned cash as resale values remain high with little depreciation, if any.

Call Graham Stimson directly on +44 (0) 845 869 8620 or +34 687 584 314 or

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