Sailing Trimarans

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Sailing Trimarans

Previously owning a trimaran the real advantages were speed and stability, space wise, there was not much more available than a conventional monohull and berthing costs were double, the same as a catamaran in some places until DRAGONFLY and CORSAIR produced folding trimarans however these days things have changed.

Stability and speed are still major factors why people will choose a trimaran, but also designs have improved so much that you get more space than some catamarans.

Eric Bruneel of NEEL TRIMARANS has some extremely interesting designs and at last building a production trimaran, which space on board is enormous for its size.

The luxury end of sailing trimarans offer a huge very fast vessel from BLUE COAST YACHTS designed by Jean Jacques Coste and built at the Latitude Yachts yard in Riga Latvia. Space, pointing ability, comfort, shallow draft and speed are the headlines and they just look awesome!

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