Blue Coast Yachts

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Blue Coast Yachts 

World Wide Catamarans are proud to now represent the most prestigious catamaran designer and builder of his time - Jean-Jacques Coste and BLUE COAST YACHTS.

The Blue Coast Range is second to none, from 80 to 165ft in the sailing catamaran range, 160ft for sailing trimaran. BLUE COAST YACHTS also produce a power catamarans at 100ft and power trimaran from 60 to 100m.

Each BLUE COAST YACHT is unique and with Graham Stimson and his partner Jane Pegler who have over 20 years experience in the sales of both new and previously owned catamarans, so you know your decision is in safe hands.

Graham Stimson & Jane Pegler


There are super-yachts, then there are super catamarans! Jean Jacques Coste's presentations in styling and designs are not just pretty drawing designed to appeal to the masses. Many of J.J.’s catamarans are now sailing the worlds oceans and he is renowned to be the best in the business in both catamaran design and build.

JJ is a past master ensuring every yacht looks and performs as it should, when any discerning client is paying this much money, it has to be right first time as every yacht produced is never the same as another.

Blue Coast Yachts

Every aspect is calculated to precision, weight of every component, styling, interior, colours, optional extras, special custom features, electronics, engines, power consumption, storage, power generation, the list goes on.

The end result as anyone can see is spectacular………

Using the best most modern materials throughout from using the ultimate strength of high quality carbon fibre or marine grade sealium aluminium, no expense is spared in producing the ultimate cruising yacht.

There are many well know shipyard producing extremely large catamarans with some degree of success, but none can compete with the absolute luxury, style and panache of any catamaran carrying the Coste Design label. When you arrive anywhere in a BLUE COAST YACHT, you have arrived!

Blue Coast Yachts

The yachts are built in Europe by the experience yard, Latitude Yachts which is based in Riga, Latvia, where prospective buyers are welcomed to join Graham Stimson of WORLDWIDE CATAMARANS for a visit to the shipyard prior to order and meet the personalities involved with the build. Several large projects are always going at the same time and it is good to see the skills involved of the Latitude team.

Alternatively a visit to the design office based in Monaco on the French Riviera to meet the man himself, Jean Jacques Coste, where we can begin to bring your ideas to life

Anyone looking to purchase a yacht of this calibre will already know what they want by the time they get to this stage, and want they want is the very best one can buy.

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